Cuban Designer, Maria Elena Couture Makes A New Personal Statement To Online Shopping Experiences

New York Press Release (correction) - There is nothing like a woman carrying her secrets in a bag today.  Especially when those secrets contain sex performance and make up.  Most women want to talk less and carry the stress related orgasms around with them in a handbag, but in the community of the Fashion World and there is only one designer that understands what it means to  "allowing one into a person's space".  Her name is Marie Elena by Marie Elena Couture (The handbags that produce "orgasms").
This designer has been featured on "The Esoteric Transformational Ministries" social media website last September at Couture Fashion Week runway.  This year the Cuban designer, Marie Elena Couture will be projecting her next worth in the Arts Fashion Foundation New York Fashion Week as featured from her Swimwear Collection presentation in Palm Beach last year.

If you missed last season's runway sale at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Ballroom Manhattan, with Producer, Andre's Aquino, it is not too late to grab an orgasm and ship it to your home, via


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